Pharma Planning Game Changers for 2018:
Volume 1

Innovative data technologies fuel new insights
for 2018 HCP marketing programs 

During 2017, you may have learned about data technology that identifies individual HCPs when they visit your pharma website. This has begun to reveal opportunities for insight on content and navigation behavior of individual prescribers.

The implications for digital marketing in 2018—including website content, email outreach, and advertising—are huge. Our latest ebook explains why.

Read Pharma Planning Game Changers for 2018 to learn:

  • How pharma website data helps you refine HCP targeting, personalize content, and optimize digital advertising
  • How to transform email from “non-personal communication” into a valuable, identity-based channel
  • Why a high-quality, authenticated database is essential for digital marketing success

Knowing the identity of your website visitors lets you get more for your pharma marketing budget. And the technology can be up-and-running on your website in weeks, not months.

Download the ebook today and get a jump on your 2018 digital marketing.

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