DMD Pharma Innovators Series

DMD strives to keep healthcare marketers current with the latest innovations in email marketing, website visitor identification, and related aspects of digital pharma marketing. To provide you with a broader perspective, our Pharma Innovators Series profiles thought leaders whose companies are developing interesting products that complement DMD's products and services.

Serge Loncar, CareSpeak Communications (full interview)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

I recently spoke with Serge Loncar, Founder and CEO of CareSpeak Communications, about the value in today’s marketplace of providing patients with an effortless way to manage their health using an advanced SMS platform like CareSpeak. We also discussed how this helps to achieve better outcomes by engaging patients and caregivers, improving medication compliance, and assisting with care coordination.

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Devesh Verma, Axtria (full interview)

Roger Korman, President

For this month’s installment of our Pharma Innovators blog series, Susan Becker spoke with Devesh Verma, Ph.D., Principal at Axtria, about the importance of bringing real-time data and analytics to bear on marketing decision making.

The abbreviated interview was posted on our blog. The full text of our conversation is below.

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Richard Murphy, BPA Worldwide (full interview)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Blog-01.18.2018-628166856.jpgA few weeks ago, I spoke with Richard Murphy, Senior Vice President at BPA Worldwide, about the growing demand for accountability in digital media, particularly as it relates to online brand safety and digital ad fraud.

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Olivier Chateau, Health Union (full interview)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak with Olivier Chateau, the CEO and co-founder of Health Union, about how technology is changing the way patients and healthcare brands interact. 

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