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DMD Pharma Innovators Series

DMD strives to keep healthcare marketers current with the latest innovations in email marketing, website visitor identification, and related aspects of digital pharma marketing. To provide you with a broader perspective, our Pharma Innovators Series profiles thought leaders whose companies are developing interesting products that complement DMD's products and services.
David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer at DMD, has been a leader in the digital marketing of healthcare products since he led the team that launched the first branded pharmaceutical website in 1995. David oversees the commercialization of all DMD products, from the industry’s No. 1 physician email database to the Audience Identity Manager (AIM) platform, named by PM360 magazine as one of the leading innovations of 2017.

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TrendMD’s Paul Kudlow (full interview)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

I sat down with Paul Kudlow, MD, the CEO and co-founder of TrendMD. The abbreviated interview was posted on our blog. Below is the full text of our conversation. 

1. What trends do you see among your clients in terms of managing and leveraging information?

Over the last year, I’ve seen a big emphasis on authentication. Authentication comes in all kinds of different forms, but what our publishers really want to know is who is reading their papers. Is it researchers? Is it doctors? What are their specialties? What were they reading before they came to the publisher’s content? They’re not necessarily looking for personal identities, but for information about their readers’ fields and specialties.

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Zephyr Health's William King (full interview)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

I sat down with Zephyr Health's William King for our Pharma Innovators Series, a monthly article that profiles a leader of one of our partner companies. The abbreviated interview was posted on our blog; below is the full text of our interview. 

1. What was your experience at J&J that led you to Zephyr Health?

What became clear to me during my career at Johnson & Johnson was how data, and the connection and extraction of value from that data, would be the next frontier for the healthcare industry.

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