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2017 Newsletter Archive

December 2017

The Bots That Want to Drain Your Budget
How Digital Marketing Is Becoming The New Pharma Sales Rep
Lessons Learned From The Multichannel Shakeout
Farewell 2017: The Industry's Top 4 Articles Of The Year

November 2017

Marketers Need to Stop Looking at Mobile as a Channel. It’s a Lifestyle
Straight Talk about Digital Ad Fraud
Data Analytics Drive Change in Health Care
Marketing Analytics: Three Common Data Pitfalls
Data Fidelity Matters, Online and Offline

October 2017

Publishers Say Email is #1 Revenue-Driving Technology
Has The Data Revolution Realized Its Potential?
Attack Of The Zombie Websites
The Advertising industry Has Been Living A Lie

September 2017

Google Issuing Refunds to Advertisers Over Fake Traffic
61% of Marketers Report Gaps In
Cross-device And Cross-channel Data
Engaging Professionals Is Challenging For B2B Healthcare Marketers
Study: Most Marketers Have Little Confidence In Data Quality

August 2017

Marketing Lessons From Across The World
Beyond KOL Marketing: Tapping Digital Opinion Influencers
Report: Brands Are Falling For Fake Instagram Influencers


Data Humanism, The Revolution Will Be Visualized


Study: Email Top Channel For Association Members

July 2017

July 26, 2017
The Importance of Data Analytics in Marketing Strategies
July 19, 2017
Please Prove You’re Not a Robot
July 12, 2017
ThePharma Sector Needs to Become More Customer-Centric
July 5, 2017
How Your Phone’s Camera Will Change Medical Marketing

June 2017

Health-care advertisers turn to location targeting that doesn’t target individuals but still get their messages seen.
Three Ways Health-Care Leaders Are Leveraging Big Data
You’ve got SPAM: How Inactive Subscribers Affect Deliverability
For those that hold the keys to health data, analytics are the new commodity

May 2017

Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser
When It Comes To Consumer Data, Email Reigns Supreme
How B2B Marketers Leverage Data to Target Buyers
Finding the Right Formula for Engaging Busy Doctors
The Seismic Shakeup in Healthcare Marketing: Are You Ready?

April 2017

Behaviors, Emotions and Moments: A New Approach to Audience Targeting
Can Pharma Companies Effectively Use Influencer Marketing?
"Video is the new blogging”: Animoto’s Cynthia Knapic on The Latest Video Trends
Head-to-Head: Direct Mail vs. Email

March 2017

How Email Marketing Can Bring You Repeat Customers
The rise of the digital advertising truther
An Influencers Huge Online Audience Means Nothing If All Their Followers Are Robots
Digital IDs become focus as drugmakers seek to track doctors' behavior online
From SXSW: Learnings for Healthcare Marketers from the NYT and WWE

February 2017

The Audience Economy and Its Impact on Healthcare Media Strategies
The Email Edge: Keeping The Spark Alive
The Race for Direct Connections: How ESPN Gets Readers to Log In
Marketers, Think Outside the List

January 2017

The Power of Data Ownership: Getting It Right in 2017
Why is Third-Party Data Still Often Wrong?
Why Healthcare is Behind the Data Curve
A View of The Post-Cookie Measurement Battleground

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