Big data is incredibly useful to brands, but most companies aren’t using it correctly. Here are three things to do to leverage big data.
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September 26, 2018


[Video] Optimizing Email Subject Lines & Preheaders

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Marketing Needs To Do These Three Things To Better Leverage Big Data

graphic of honeycomb in shades of light blues and greys with each cell containing a medically-related icon

By Blake Morgan,

The most successful companies have marketers who do more than just listen and learn from other groups—they educate the entire company about the importance of big data. Big data is incredibly useful to brands, but most companies aren’t using it correctly... Read More


As Consumer Expectations Rise, Brands Find New Data To Personalize Experience

viewed from above, closeup of open notebook, cup of tea, pen and eyeglasses. Open notebook reads Content Marketing

By Kimberly Collins,

Consumer expectations continue to rise—but so do concerns of data privacy. Brands face a catch-22 for how to engage with consumers. With increasing consumer expectations of personalization vying against increasing concerns of data privacy, brands are finding more creative ways to make use of the data they already have in order to deliver the experience consumers demand... Read More


‘It’s Everyone’s Problem’: Google Touts Commitment Against Ad Fraud


By Kerry Flynn,

At a recent event hosted by Google to discuss the state and future of ad fraud, White Ops co-founders, Tamer Hassan and Michael Tiffany, said that while others describe ad fraud protection as a game of whack-a-mole, they don’t see it as impossible to beat. Rather, there is a solution: Destroy the incentives for fraudulent practices... Read More


5 Charts: Yes, The GDPR Is Shaking Up Digital Marketing


Ross Benes,

Since it became enforceable on May 25, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a legal headache for marketers, led some publishers to turn off open exchanges, and even caused several vendors to pivot their business models. Explore a few charts that show how the GDPR—which states that a user’s data can be used only if that individual gives a company explicit permission—is shaking up the digital marketing industry... Read More


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[Webinar] This Is Your Email Marketing Intervention!

business person drowning in paperwork reaches out to hand holding life saver.

After nearly 50,000 email campaigns, DMD knows more than anyone how to reach physicians. In this webinar, tailored specifically for hospital strategists & marketers, we'll share our email marketing best practices, including how to comply with new laws in this area. Register Now.


[Video] AIM: Identifying Your Website Traffic

title card for video with play button

By Dale Benner,

Stop guessing about whether or not visitors are truly your targets and develop the type of messaging that hits home with them on an individual level. Deploying relevant content to the right healthcare professional at the right time drives engagement and ultimately increases profitability and growth... Read More

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