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When Clients Ask “How Do You Know?”
Agencies Can Answer With Data

Make metrics and accountability part of every digital marketing program you recommend

The last thing a client wants to hear is that you try to reach the right audience with the right message.

Your value depends on delivering “truth in digital.” But how can you verify your audience when physicians are notorious for avoiding logins and registration forms? How can you deliver programs worth the cost? We partner with agencies to demonstrate accountability.

  • Recent data reveals that less than 10 percent of visitors to professional healthcare websites are actually HCPs.

  • If you don’t know exactly which physicians visit your website, you can’t develop content that will capture their attention, let alone calculate your digital marketing ROI.

  • Without a 100% opted-in email database that’s sourced from first-party partners and updated daily, you can’t be sure who your emails are reaching. Plus, you risk violating privacy policies.

  • Targeting that stops at specialty limits your ability to find hard-to-reach physicians.

We help Agencies deliver

We’ll contact you within 1 business day. Your data will not be shared with anybody, period.

DMD provides accountability through website tracking and superior email data

You deliver the insights, the added-value programs, and a competitive edge

Link website and email initiatives with AIMsm

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager Manager (AIMsm), identifies individual HCP visitors to your client’s website and media properties so you can respond to their browsing behavior.

By linking this data to the HCP profiles in your client’s email database, you can develop a more nuanced understanding of your audience and a more personalized email and web experience.

Agencies can then recommend customized follow-up email responses based on individual website browsing behavior.

Verify web traffic to demonstrate ad effectiveness

Meet your clients’ demand for accountable media by using AIM to identify every tagged HCP who visits an online publication.

Guide your clients to make informed decisions about when and where they place ads, how much they’re willing to spend, and which content is most effective.

Work with publishers to serve targeted ads to different segments in real time using your client’s segmenting logic and the AIM DMP.

Personalize digital content

AIM reports the name, NPI number, specialty, and geographic location of “tagged” HCP visitors to your websites, in real-time and without requiring a login.

Use this physician-level data to help your clients design website content around the current needs of specific groups of visitors—by specialty, geography, or other targeting criteria.

As new insights are uncovered, continue to refine web content and email campaigns.

DMD verifies your client’s healthcare audience

  • Audience identity management technology reports data about individual HCP visitors to healthcare websites
  • Unlike cookies, AIM “tags” and “readers” don’t expire and can’t be blocked
  • AIM is an opt-in system that doesn’t require a login

Find the marketing accountability your clients are looking for.

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Feedback from the field


“ AIM gives us the ability to track what a doctor is looking at on a website without requiring they log in”

David Cherry , Sudler & Hennessey

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