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Opt-in to the HCN to access HCP data in real time

Identify website visitors in real time with Audience Identity Managersm 

Know exactly who's coming to your website, and what they do when they're there.

The breadth of your network helps build a strong database with a consistent source of updated, authenticated data

  • Driving traffic to your site requires a comprehensive database of physicians and allied health professionals
  • Often, publishers are only reaching 30-40% of the target audience in their field. Even the best publications have email addresses for fewer than half the physicians in their target audience.
  • The email addresses in house lists may often be inaccurate or out-of-date. 
  • It’s hard to know if your email initiatives are successful. Lack of individualized website data means you don’t know who is coming to your website or what they’re viewing.

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A superior email database lets you reach more of the right doctors

Accurate HCP data and email expertise deliver the coverage you need

Enhanced Database Quality

Fill gaps in your current target file to get the expanded coverage you need. DMD’s email database includes 90% of physicians with email addresses.

All addresses are updated daily for 95% deliverability. Plus, ours is the first and only physician database audited by BPA Worldwide.

DMD can scrub and update your target files to reflect current, HCP-preferred email addresses, thereby improving the performance of your own data.

Publisher members of DMD's Healthcare Communications Networksm benefit from a consortium of opted-in HCPs.

Website Visitors Identified (Finally)

DMD’s Audience Identity Manager (AIMsm) lets you know the identity of the HCPs who visit your website in real time, without requiring a login.

Use AIM to extend your database by identifying new "tagged" physicians when they arrive. Then track each individual’s online browsing behavior and customize email campaigns accordingly.

A simple click-through to a website yields insights about interests and priorities. Follow-up emails can respond in kind.

Proven Email Expertise

Our email experts ease the transition from print to digital.

Build successful campaigns based on creative best practices and optimal deployment windows. Analyze results and refine future campaigns.

Increase email open rates year-over-year in order to grow website traffic over time.

When you have questions, call on your dedicated support team. After 30,000 email campaigns, we know what works best.

DMD helps medical publishers grow their digital readership:

  • Precision targeting of more than 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • Only email database available with 100% opted-in physicians authenticated by a third party, BPA Worldwide

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Feedback from the field

"If you want great data, you have to work for it. Typically, between 10 to 75 percent of the addresses will prove invalid when we scrub an external list.”
Roger Korman, Ph.D., DMD Marketing Corp

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