The new 4Ps of digital marketing provide a bridge between the original 4Ps and today's dynamic marketing.
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September 19, 2018


[Video] How To Know If Your Email List Is Authenticated

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How The New 4Ps Of Digital Will Transform Your Marketing

graphic of honeycomb in shades of light blues and greys with each cell containing a medically-related icon

By Emily Alford,

Developing a solid CRM solution means bucketing and organizing the business processes and technology that support targeting, audience insights, consumer acquisition and retention, and, most importantly, conversion and loyalty. The New 4Ps of Digital and CRM provide the roadmap and bridge between the original 4Ps and the modern era of dynamic marketing... Read More


All I Want For Christmas: A Good Mobile/Email Strategy

viewed from above, closeup of open notebook, cup of tea, pen and eyeglasses. Open notebook reads Content Marketing

By Ray Schultz,

According to Rick Kenney, head of consumer insights for Salesforce, mobile is undoubtedly the most disruptive force in retail since the onset of ecommerce. This means, promotions, announcements, nudges and greetings must be designed for mobile phones. But success depends on timing and the ability to personalize offers... Read More


What Makes a Good Metric?


By Chris Moran

All metrics have the capacity to go wrong. Decent culture has to be established around any number to avoid warped behavior. So while page views have many decent qualities, if pursued unchecked and with no editorial constraint, you can end up with abysmal nonsense. There are 5 characteristics of a good metric and are effective scales to measure median attention time... Read More


Study: Marketers Prepped For GDPR See Improved Consumer Trust And Engagement


Marketing Dive

When brands are transparent with ad targeting, telling consumers that product recommendations were based on information that they shared, those consumers were 40% more likely to click on the items and spent 31% more time on the product page, according to research from Maritz Motivation Solutions and the Harvard Business School... Read More


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[webinar] This Is Your Email Marketing Intervention!

business person drowning in paperwork reaches out to hand holding life saver.

After nearly 50,000 email campaigns, DMD knows more than anyone how to reach physicians. In this webinar, tailored specifically for hospital strategists & marketers, we'll share our email marketing best practices, including how to comply with new laws in this area. Register Now


Do Your CTAs Check All These Boxes?

title card for video with play button

By Jerrad Rickard,

Creating effective emails that promote your health system or brand can sometimes feel as challenging as trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. But there is one strategic change that can work like magic to drive more engagement for your marketing campaigns: developing strong calls to action (CTAs)... Read More


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