Health Systems Are Built On Referrals

Find and Engage the Physicians Who Need Your Services

A high-quality email database connects you with your most promising referrers

Reaching the right physicians in—and beyond—your known networks can be challenging. Email is the most effective digital channel when used strategically.

Physicians rely on email, so much so that they provide their preferred email address for the information they need - even a personal email address. It makes sense, then, that email can serve as an effective, targeted channel for driving referrals.

  • To grow your referral base, you need to communicate your strengths in a precise manner, reaching those physicians who can steer patients to your facilities and network.
  • However, physicians are busy. As the number of accepted liaison meetings continues to decline, you’ll want to reach physicians when they’re most receptive, by the most efficient means possible.
  • Benchmark data on the best time-of-day and day-of-week by specialty makes a targeted email message measurably more effective.
  • If you target only by specialty and demographics, you’ll miss many of your most receptive referrers. To find the ideal audience, you really need diagnosis and procedure codes, insurance claims data, and more. Data, not anecdotes.
  • Without a 100% opted-in email database, you can’t be sure who you’re reaching. An authenticated email database provides accurate addresses and tells you which address each physician opens most often.

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Targeted email campaigns enhance your reputation and reduce referral leakage

Send meaningful, relevant messages based on distinct physician profiles

Address out-migration head on

You know who’s referring outside your network. Talk to them. Engage them. Even reprimand them.

An email campaign targeted to out-referrers can begin a productive dialogue between administration and physicians.

Use it to create transparency, address leakage, promote your system’s strengths, and measure response.

You've got news. Share it.

But, do so in a targeted manner. In addition to your broad-reach hospital system newsletter, create a specialized newsletter to strengthen your service lines, and the staff who support them.

Deliver specific hospital news to referrers who will find it most meaningful. Higher relevance leads to better response from recipients both in and beyond your system.

Use your physicians’ influence

Doctors listen to doctors. Create a program that enables physicians to share hospital news with other alumni from their medical school.

Your own key opinion leaders can provide motivating and inspiring content that reaches the right audiences near and far.

As information spreads, it will build your reputation beyond your immediate service area.

DMD helps Health Systems engage physicians in ways that support growth and reduce referral leakage

  • Reach 90% of physicians with email addresses
  • Refine your target audience by specialty and geography, as well as claims data and procedure codes
  • Go beyond community newsletters and use email for targeted campaigns aligned with your growth strategies

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