Do lots of A/B tests. Test as many different things as you can. You want as much data to leverage as possible.
Do lots of A/B tests. Test as many different things as you can. You want as much data to leverage as possible.
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July 25, 2018


Industry News

Five Best Practice Tips When It Comes To A/B Testing


By Kirsty Daniel,
The Drum

With A/B testing, companies can experiment with different target audiences and ad sets to work out which post delivered the best results. This allows businesses to test two pieces of content with two separate audiences and analyze the results... Read More


More Isn’t Better In Email Marketing

By Karl Wirth,

If you use email marketing, now is the time to begin transitioning from the outdated batch-and-blast method to emails triggered at the optimal moment and mass-personalized at open time. True one-to-one email will enable you to unlock the full potential of the most effective engagement channel for businesses... Read More


GDPR: A New Dawn For Data Privacy

By Venture Magazine

GDPR is the biggest change in data privacy regulation since the Internet began and non-adherence carries heavy fines. Implementing the GDPR policies requires a real transformation in the way online business is conducted... Read More


Hidden Metrics To Help You Improve Email Performance

By George Bilbrey,

What metrics do you find particularly useful that most email marketers ignore? There are a variety of hidden campaign and program-level metrics that can be useful in understanding where to focus improvement efforts... Read More


DMD News

AIM Joins DMD’s Email In BPA Worldwide Certification

With our patent-pending Audience Identity Manager℠ (AIM) technology recently receiving certification for its conformance to the BPA Worldwide standards for audience qualification and IAB Data Best Practices, we are leading the charge in responsible digital marketing.


Video: How To Know If Your Physician Email List Is Authenticated

How can you tell the difference between a list that pays dividends and one that will leave you high and dry? This video explains fundamental considerations that define one from the other, including how a “bad” list is created.

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