Futureproof Your Healthcare Marketing

Consent At Scale is a permission-based framework that supports effective digital engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs), now and in the future.

A Wave of Data Privacy and Technology Challenges

Healthcare marketing and, more specifically, physician engagement are at a critical moment. The consumer-led data privacy movement is a sea change for how individual data is handled and is resulting in monumental legislative and technological change.

It is no longer enough to reach the right healthcare provider audience; it must be done within the right permission framework. The goal is now right physician, right message, right time, after obtaining the right consent.

Right Physician
Right Message
Right Time  
Right Consent
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Consent At Scale: Futureproof Your Healthcare Marketing

Consent At Scale, a consent-based framework designed to support effective digital engagement with HCPs, ensures marketers have the right kind of permission from HCPs on a large scale.

Not All Consent is Created Equal

Not all data consent is the same. Different privacy policies can present a challenge for marketers; language in one privacy policy may allow certain uses of identity data, whereas another privacy policy may not.

The Consent At Scale framework is built on five key pillars:

Coverage Under a
Single Privacy Policy

At least 90% of a target audience under a single privacy policy.

Physician-Level Data (PLD)

Permission to report on the activity of an identified individual.
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Consistent Identity Data

Consistent identity data across all channels and business uses.
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Omnichannel Consent

The same consent across all channels.
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Able to stay ahead of legislative and technological changes.
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Are you ready to learn how Consent At Scale can ensure your marketing campaigns launch effectively and without legal issues and complications due to changing technology platform requirements?

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