DMD and LiveRamp Pay It Forward: Supporting Telehealth During the Pandemic

Tighe Blazier, President

Health officials are calling on the public to embrace telehealth services as a safe means for the diagnosis of medical conditions and the on-demand delivery of medical services. As more companies include telehealth offerings in their employee benefits, there is a critical need to attract qualified healthcare professionals onto these platforms to match the consumer demand.

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Topics: LiveRamp, Telehealth, Covid-19

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DMD President Roger Korman and his management team publish weekly articles on digital communication and technology in healthcare.

Articles are published that cover website visitor identity, the value of authenticated healthcare professional databases for use in multichannel marketing to physicians and healthcare professionals. DMD clients in pharma, hospital and health systems, agencies, and physician marketing companies rely on DMD's email and AIMSM technologies to improve communication with healthcare professionals across marketing channels.