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SHSMD 2019: DMD Presents on John Hopkins Success

Creating authentic, long-term relationships with physicians is a key marker of success for flourishing health systems. Much of the relationship-building process relies on communication; more importantly, using a mode of communication that physicians value.

In my presentation at the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) Connects 2019 annual conference, I highlighted one health system in particular that is going "all in" on a very effective communication channel: email.

The on-demand session can be found here: “Building a Successful Physician Email Program to Support Your Multi-Channel Strategy: Behind the Scenes with Johns Hopkins”.


The Value of Email in Physicians’ Eyes

Johns Hopkins Medicine, a market leader in academic medical centers, is the focus of the session I will be co-presenting with Johns Hopkins’ Shannon Ciconte, Senior Director of Interactive Marketing and Therese Lockemy, Director of Internet Marketing and Social Engagement.

Much of the relationship-building process relies on communication.

We began working with the Johns Hopkins marketing department with the goal of expanding physician reach and building upon current email marketing programs--something the health system had already observed as an important strategy upon conducting a physician survey. 

When physicians were asked to rate the value of various ways information related to their specialty was imparted, 59.9 percent said digital communication is "very valuable," compared to 34.6 percent for print, and 23.5 percent for in-person communication.

At the core of our collaborative efforts with Johns Hopkins is how to use email--as one part of their multichannel marketing program--to optimize hospital-physician relationships for greater gains.

59.9 percent of physicians said digital communication is ‘very valuable.

Specifically, the hospital wanted to deliver a more targeted, personalized experience to physicians, build upon its reputation in the academic arena, and get greater visibility for key areas of business, such as service lines and referrals.

Want to hear more? Watch on-demand now for an in-depth discussion how Johns Hopkins and DMD are partnering to use email - including the email address as digital identity - to achieve expanded reach among key physician audiences and greater personalization in marketing outreach.


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