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Physician-Level Data: Unique Insights Into Physician Online Behavior

Artificial Intelligence provides deep insights

The increasing demand of personalization in digital marketing should be leaving “batch and blast” tactics in the dust. But even savvy healthcare marketers who recognize the need for personalized marketing, and are incorporating personalization into their marketing strategies, still face challenges.

The biggest obstacle? Understanding what drives the interests of your target audience—and translating that information into timely, relevant communications.

Unique Insights into Content Consumption

Audience identity management technology is upping the stakes in healthcare marketing.

Even savvy healthcare marketers still face challenges.

Our patent-pending Audience Identity Manager® (AIM) tool reports physician-level data from 800+ publisher, medical education, association, and professional social sites. It is the only technology that provides marketers the ability to listen and fully understand the online behavior of HCPs.

It allows healthcare marketers to be a silent observer, that “fly on the wall” we often pine for in many areas of our lives. Since the observed online behavior is self-navigated by HCPs, their journey reveals specific insights into their content consumption, including:

  • What types of content they deem most valuable (e.g. research papers, product pamphlets, emerging technologies)
  • Where an HCP is in their journey, such as general information-gathering vs. research vs. decision-making
  • Trends of content engagement, which can also be paired with other demographics to identify lookalike HCP segments
  • Which types of content KOLs in the industry consume—from which scientific leadership planning can be designed

Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution

Once the data is collected, healthcare marketers are able to create digital communications that resonate with HCP preferences. For example, if you discover Dr. Gustaphson is an avid consumer of safety and efficacy protocols, you can create and promote content specific to that particular area of interest. You may even find that specialists in one area of expertise seek out information not generally thought of as being within their purview. Would your competitor know the same?

The key is having the data.

This type of physician-level HCP data allows healthcare marketers to be uniquely positioned in strategic planning and tactical execution, supporting opportunities such as optimizing content strategy, building lookalike segments to expand reach, implementing behavior-based trigger campaigns and more.

Connecting the Dots

The key in all of this—to engaging your audience, growing brand awareness, and improving ROI—is having the data. You can’t produce insights without it. If you’re simply “guessing” what AIM data would reveal, you can never connect with HCPs in the way they desire.

About DMD

DMD, an IQVIA business, offers the only authenticated database available that can reach, report, and respond to the dynamic digital behavior of fully opted-in physicians and NP/PA prescribers. Through this database, pharmaceutical marketers, hospitals and health systems, medical societies, publishers, medical marketing agencies, and others have digital access to more than 90% of physicians with email addresses and real-time web activity data that unlocks precision targeting and engagement capabilities across the most influential healthcare audiences.