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Wei Han Frank Lin, Chief Technology Officer

Wei Han Frank Lin, Chief Technology Officer

Wei Han Frank Lin’s outstanding ability to consolidate current and emerging technologies and help drive overall business development fits perfectly with his role as DMD’s Chief Technology Officer. With over two decades of leading innovation at the convergence of technology, business, and people, Frank has a proven track record in developing cloud-enabled products and delivering customer-focused services in the communications, medical, and healthcare sectors. Frank’s ability to effectively distill business goals into actionable product and technical plans through lean, agile methodologies is an invaluable contribution to DMD’s industry leadership. Frank earned his MBA from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

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The True Cost of Bots: A Live Demonstration at Digital Pharma East

Wei Han Frank Lin, Chief Technology Officer

These days, pharma marketers have bots on the brain. And not the cute ones we’ll be handing out next week at DPE. The invisible ones that crawl medical websites in droves, eating up your digital advertising budget without converting HCPs to prescribers.

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Topics: Accountable media, Pharma Marketing

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DMD President Roger Korman and his management team publish weekly articles on digital communication and technology in healthcare.

Articles are published that cover website visitor identity, the value of authenticated healthcare professional databases for use in multichannel marketing to physicians and healthcare professionals. DMD clients in pharma, hospital and health systems, agencies, and physician marketing companies rely on DMD's email and AIMSM technologies to improve communication with healthcare professionals across marketing channels.