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Putting Actionable Insights Into Motion For Improved Physician Recruiting

Lisa Killion

When you go to a five-star restaurant, it’s usually the chef’s culinary expertise that makes the experience truly memorable. For hospitals, having the best physicians on staff is also essential to serving up excellent care.

In today’s competitive landscape, the more information healthcare staffers have about physicians seeking job opportunities, the more proactive they can be in attracting the most talented doctors to their teams. Traditional web analytics only provide aggregate data—no specifics—leaving viable leads to turn cold. DMD’s Audience Identity ManagerSM (AIM) platform can provide an important advantage.

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Topics: Audience Identity Management, AIM

Aligning Hospital Marketers And Healthcare Staffers: A Message From Santa And His Elves

Lisa Killion

Health system CEOs have a substantial undertaking. Given the current spirit of the holiday season, you might compare a CEO to a certain jolly fellow in the North Pole and the great responsibility that accompanies his role.

Of course, Santa’s advantage is that he has all those extra helpers. If you’ve ever seen Elf or a similar holiday movie, you know his elves are efficient, productive, and happy. To quote Will Ferrell’s character, “Smiling’s my favorite.” And, elves are always aligned in mission—something not always possible for hospital marketing and healthcare staffing departments, given their varying responsibilities.

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Topics: Healthcare Staffing, Email Campaign Design & Deployment, Healthcare Marketing

Using Identity Data To Drive Your Healthcare Staffing Efforts

Lisa Killion

Holiday shopping can be a weary process. Think of how much easier it would be if you could view, in real time—like a fly on the wall, the items your family members were browsing online for their own wish lists? 

That's something healthcare staffing professionals have been asking of Santa for years—to be able to identify, on an individual level, the physicians currently viewing online job posts even if they do not complete an application or set up a profile. Thankfully, the jolly ol' fellow has come through.

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Topics: Healthcare Staffing, AIM

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