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What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know About Apple’s iOS 14.5

Wei Han Frank Lin, Chief Technology Officer

With all the recent discussion surrounding Google’s deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s recent iOS 14.5 release, it’s no wonder healthcare marketers are feeling uncertain—and even anxious. What do these movements really mean for healthcare marketing and HCP engagement?

To fully understand the impact of iOS 14.5, it’s important to consider both the motivation and mechanics behind Apple’s transition to greater transparency.

To Track or Not to Track… That Is the Question

Apple’s previous options regarding privacy—in respect to location services—allowed users to choose from one of three options. 

  • Only While Using the App
  • Always Allow
  • Don't Allow

With iOS 14.5, the options are now:

  • Allow Tracking, or
  • Ask App Not to Track
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