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Email Year in Review Report: Identifying COVID-19 Trends PLUS What to Expect in 2021

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

2020 represented an unprecedented year for many reasons. 

COVID-19 loomed large in everyone’s life and proved to be greatly influential for healthcare marketing. DMD’s analysis of the more than 32 million emails deployed from October 31, 2019 to October 31, 2020 revealed informative trends. These emails were sent to U.S.-based physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and pharmacists on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and brands.

Our 2020 Email Year in Review report summarizes year-to-year trends, delves into engagement metrics influenced by COVID-19, and provides a look to what may be ahead for healthcare marketers in 2021.

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Triggered Email’s Exponential Effect: The “Math” Behind 1+1=3

Jerrad Rickard, Vice President, Email Product Lead

In our latest webinar, “1+1=3: Triggered Email is the Perfect Complement to Your Email Marketing,” our goal was to highlight the value of integrating broadcast and triggered email campaigns.

We use the “1+1=3” equation to illustrate why combining broadcast and triggered is not simply an average of each individual campaign’s performance. Each is effective on its own, but when using triggered + broadcast, impact increases exponentially.

Here are a few key insights we extracted from the webinar. If you’d like to view the entire session, you can access it here.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Physician Engagement, Pharma Marketing, Healthcare Marketing, DMD Marketing, Triggered Email

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