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6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Physician Email List

Jerrad Rickard, Vice President, Email Product Lead

When making a purchase, you’ll likely turn to a vendor or brand you trust. Perhaps you’ve had a great experience with them previously, or you’ve done your due diligence in pre-purchase research before making a final decision.

Price is almost always a top consideration, but you also don’t want to get burned by a vendor who compromises quality for cost. This is especially important when purchasing email data. While a faulty watch or peeling handbag bought on the cheap are easy to replace, the damage to your email campaign’s reputation is not as easily rectified.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email List Quality

Physician-Level Data: Providing Unique Insights Into Physician Online Behavior

Edith Hodkinson, Chief Digital Officer

The increasing demand of personalization in digital marketing should be leaving “batch and blast” tactics in the dust. But even savvy healthcare marketers who recognize the need for personalized marketing, and are incorporating personalization into their marketing strategies, still face challenges.

The biggest obstacle? Understanding what drives the interests of your target audience—and translating that information into timely, relevant communications.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email List Quality

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