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DMD Innovator Series: Jon Bigelow, Coalition For Healthcare Communication (CHC)

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Jon Bigelow is Executive Director of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication, representing health communicators across advertising, marketing, medical communications, medical publishing, and digital media. He keeps Coalition members informed on evolving regulations and legislation that may aid, or impede, the free flow of accurate and credible medical information.

Jon previously was CEO and President of KnowledgePoint360 Group, a leading provider of multichannel medical communications, digital and strategic consulting, benchmarking services, and workflow solutions with 18 agencies across the U.S., U.K., and Germany. Earlier, he was President of Cliggott Publishing; founding Editor of a series of innovative controlled circulation clinical journals; and President of the Association of Medical Media. He provides strategic support to businesses and serves on boards at two companies and an ocean sciences laboratory.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email List Quality

Do Privacy Rights Matter To You?

Roger Korman, President

When we hear Facebook is monetizing the personal information of its members without their knowledge, we react with indignation. When we read that Google reads all of our email for keywords, we are offended.

And, when we understand that Alexa is listening to us all the time, we wonder if there’s any part of our lives that is safe from invasion.

My question to you is: Do we need laws to affirm that these are intrusions into our privacy or do we inherently understand that these practices are just plain wrong and never should have been undertaken in the first place?

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Topics: Email Marketing, Email List Quality, Data Privacy

[Webinar] Obstacles and Innovations: What's Changed for Email Marketing in 2019

Jerrad Rickard, Vice President, Email Product Lead

As we look towards the second half of 2019 and beyond, it’s important to look back at some of the changes—both positive and negative—that have already been made in email marketing just this year. Even if you’ve been adhering to traditional “best practices,” this new information requires a thorough review of your digital marketing tactics.


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Topics: Email Marketing, Physician Engagement, Healthcare Marketing

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