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DMD Innovators Series: Allison Hartsoe, Ambition Data

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer

Allison Hartsoe is the Founder and CEO of Ambition Data. Her experience and passion for analysis allow her to see future trends and relate them all the way back to the tactical moves her clients need to make today. She has built and executed digital analytics strategies for Fortune 500 customers including Blackrock, BlueShield, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and Seagate. She is also a member of the C-Suite Network.

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Topics: Pharma Marketing, Pharma Innovator Series

How To Identify Unknown Candidates

Christopher Lee, Chief Commercial Officer, Healthcare

Finding qualified candidates—healthcare professionals who possess outstanding medical skills, strong character traits, and whose values align with the hiring health system—has been no easy task. Healthcare staffing professionals also face the challenge of a rising disproportion between supply and demand, as the physician shortage shows no signs of slowing.

Filling those vacancies would be much simpler if recruiters could identify, with certainty, the candidates actively seeking career opportunities on their website.

Now, they can.

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[Video] Improve Open Rates With Responsible Email

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

When emails land in your inbox, you'll likely have one of three immediate responses: positive, negative, or neutral. I’m not talking about invoices or bill payment reminders—no one finds joy in relinquishing money—but rather marketing-style messages, newsletters, etc.

Chances are, a negative reaction ends in a quick delete. You might save the neutral ones to open at some point (or not). But, the ones you deem as a positive will definitely get an open—usually sooner than later.

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Topics: Email Campaign Design & Deployment, Healthcare Marketing

6 Tips To Capture Physician Engagement In 6 Seconds Or Less

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

What can you accomplish in just six seconds or less? Thanks to a few popular internet videos, you can apparently learn how to tie a Windsor knot, rearrange your roommate’s den, and strip a screw in this very brief timeframe.

As savvy healthcare marketers know firsthand, six seconds is also the length of time you have to engage healthcare professionals. You need to make every second count in order to be fully effective in your efforts.

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Topics: Email Marketing, Physician Engagement, Healthcare Marketing

The California Consumer Privacy Act Of 2018: American Version Of GDPR

Roger Korman, President

The fervor surrounding the European Union’s implementation of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation is feeding an increased expectation to respect the privacy rights of the individual. Other initiatives—right here in the United States—are taking hold. On June 28, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018, blazing the trail for heightened personal data control and protection in the U.S.

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Topics: Email Campaign Design & Deployment, Healthcare Marketing, Data Privacy

[Video] Optimizing Subject Lines And Preheaders

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Whether you’re on a job interview or a first date, “first impressions” play a significant part in determining what happens next. You’d never show up to either of these meetings disheveled—with mismatched shoes, a wrinkled suit, and bedhead—and expect it to go any further. The same applies to sloppy email subject lines and preheaders. Blow it once and you may not get a second chance.

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Topics: Email Campaign Design & Deployment, Healthcare Marketing

Do Your CTAs Check All These Boxes?

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Creating effective emails that promote your health system or brand can sometimes feel as challenging as trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat. But there is one strategic change that can work like magic to drive more engagement for your marketing campaigns: developing strong calls to action (CTAs).

The Power of Good CTAs

You probably know that the CTAs in your emails are the lines that compel people to click on the link to go to your website or to download an ebook. But CTAs are not all created equal. The ones that are most effective follow some carefully designed guidelines. This helps entice physicians and other healthcare professionals to do whatever you are asking such as register for a seminar, download a brochure, or navigate to your website.

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Did You Know? Fast Facts About Pharma Email Metrics

Jerrad Rickard, Director of Product Management: Email

Total opens, unique opens, and open rate. Click-through rate (CTR) and click-to-open rate (CTOR). Read rate, false clicks, and audience identity data.

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Topics: Pharma Marketing, Healthcare Marketing

AIM Topic: Expand Insights Beyond Your Target Physician List

Dale Benner, Senior Director, Product Management

We’ve had some exciting news surrounding our Audience Identity ManagerSM (AIM) platform as of late, and now, we’re introducing a new sub-product to the overall AIM suite of products: AIM Topic.

AIM Topic is similar to AIM Journey, in that it reports the types of sites healthcare professionals visit and the topics they investigate, including disease categories, specific disease states (and sub-states), and approximately five thousand keywords. But, instead of following the online activity of individual, pre-selected HCPs, AIM Topic identifies the HCPs for you based on the disease and topics you select.

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Topics: AIM, Healthcare Marketing

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