The top challenge of addressing ad quality issues lies with the supply chain. If media buyers don’t expect transparency, they won’t get it.
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August 22, 2018


[Video] How To Know If Your Email List Is Authenticated

Industry News

Ad Fraud Still Plagues Digital Media Supply Chain

graphic of honeycomb in shades of light blues and greys with each cell containing a medically-related icon

By Nicole Perrin,

The top challenge of addressing ad quality issues is tracking down bad actors in the supply chain, according to research by ad intelligence firm Ad Lightning. Nearly six in 10 of the U.S. ad operations professionals surveyed called it a significant problem... Read More


Email Horsepower: Channel Still Produces The Best ROI

viewed from above, closeup of open notebook, cup of tea, pen and eyeglasses. Open notebook reads Content Marketing

By Ray Schultz,

Email continues to produce the best ROI of any channel — 59% say so, according to the 2018 Email Marketing Industry Report. But it raises a question. Is this for real, or does it reflect the fact that few companies are investing in advanced technologies?... Read More


Simplify Your Strategies: The 4 R's That Every Healthcare Marketer Should Consider


By Kurt Hanson,

Healthcare marketing departments are slow and hesitant to adopt new technology. By contrast, the healthcare consumer is technologically sophisticated and well-versed in tools for researching their personal healthcare needs. Marketers can combat this disparity in technology adoption by focusing on the 4 R’s that simplify end-goal marketing efforts... Read More


Email Marketing Best Practices: Tips To Become A Better Marketer


By Neha Baluni,
Mobile App Daily

What’s the preferred channel of initiating a professional conversation with new clients? Email. If practiced well, it can help businesses get an extra edge among the users that other businesses lack. Explore several email marketing best practices that deliver great results...Read More


DMD News

The California Consumer Privacy Act Of 2018: American Version Of GDPR

woman's torso wearing a medical coat and stethoscope, hands poised over laptop keyboard

Roger Korman,

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 is blazing the trail for heightened personal data control and protection in the U.S. This law provides the strongest regulatory considerations our nation has seen to date. Given the public reaction to high profile privacy violations of major database companies, the CCPA is likely the start of a trend in the U.S., not the culmination of one... Read More


6 Tips To Capture Physician Engagement In 6 Seconds Or Less

title card for video with play button

By Jerrad Rickard,

As savvy healthcare marketers know firsthand, six seconds is also the length of time you have to engage healthcare professionals. You need to make every second count in order to be fully effective in your efforts. Over time, when you craft responsible emails, you condition them to open your emails, because they know doing so will be worth their time and effort... Read More

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