Change can be daunting and complicated, so radical customer centricity is built on a simple foundation: Find Me. Know Me. Help Me.
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August 6, 2018


[video] How to Know if Your Email List is Authenticated

Industry News

6 Ways Healthcare Is Shifting In The Era Of Radical Customer Centricity

graphic of honeycomb in shades of light blues and greys with each cell containing a medically-related icon

By Lyn Falconio,
Publicis Health

While change can be daunting and often complicated, radical customer centricity is built on a simple foundation: Find Me. Know Me. Help Me. The stakes are high for our industry to stay relevant and profitable, and emerging competition is fiercer and often more unexpected than ever before... Read More


8 Ways To Use Content To Skyrocket User Engagement

viewed from above, closeup of open notebook, cup of tea, pen and eyeglasses. Open notebook reads Content Marketing

By Kristopher Jones,

Providing engaging content is especially important from a branding aspect. You need to be different to stand out. With so many choices available, one of the best ways for your business to shine is through creating and promoting unique and insightful content... Read More


[Infographic] HCPs OK With Emails From Marketers



Today's HCPs remain okay with hearing from pharma and medical device marketers—providing those marketers approach them via mostly non-personal means. Here's a roundup of data points on the fine art of physician email marketing... Read More


The U.S. Privacy Landscape Post-GDPR


By Caitlin Chin,
Georgetown Public Policy Review

With the growth of internet-connected devices and quantity of data sharing, discussions of a baseline federal privacy standard are increasingly relevant. There's an unequivocal national interest and necessity for more coherent privacy standards, and many policymakers and government leaders are taking note... Read More


DMD News

AIM Topic: Expand Insights Beyond Your Target Physician List

woman's torso wearing a medical coat and stethoscope, hands poised over laptop keyboard

Dale Benner,

We’ve had some exciting news surrounding our Audience Identity Manager℠ (AIM) platform as of late, and now, we’re introducing a new sub-product to the overall AIM suite of products: AIM Topic. AIM Topic identifies the HCPs for you based on the disease and topics you select.... Read More


[Video] How To Reach Physicians Through Email

title card for video with play button

By Jerrad Rickard,

Physicians prefer email over other forms of communication. But, that doesn’t automatically guarantee your email will spark engagement. There’s a great deal of strategy that goes into creating email campaigns to not only reach physicians, but also to encourage a positive response... Read More

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