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DMD thought leaders share next generation strategies and tactics for healthcare marketers.

In partnership with Medical Marketing & Media, DMD produced the following webcasts.

Catch Us If You Can

The email channel has taken off. Has healthcare been left behind?

Are you ready for a time warp? Ready to leave 2006 and welcome 2016? While the healthcare industry has been asleep, email marketing has become the leading influence of digital outreach. Industries from retail to travel to financial services continue to evolve email optimization strategies that engage audiences and drive transactions, leaving healthcare in the dust with its head in the sand. How can you catch up?

The Biggest Digital Marketing Innovation Since The Cookie

Do you hear it?  The revolution is coming.

Let's face it: despite all the money you've invested in reaching physicians on the Web, you have no idea who is showing up to your website or seeing your content. If 90% of your professional website visitors are consumers, how would you know?  What would your marketing plan look like if you knew the name, specialty, and NPI# of physician website visitors in real-time?

Six Ways To Skyrocket Your Website Results

What's stopping your website from becoming the next gold standard?

Websites are good for your brand, but bad at identifying who comes to visit, and what they do there. 

Hear more about DMD's patent pending technology that uses its authenticated, opted-in database to tag and track physicians who come to your site. Visitor insights, data driven content, ad optimization, and visit-triggered communication are now available.

12 Healthcare Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Now

When was the last time you introduced an eye-opening idea to support your brand?

How can you shape cross-channel marketing programs so the impact is exponential?  Don’t fret! DMD is about to reward your ambition by sharing 12 cross-channel innovations in email that force you to think across marketing silos for the greater good.