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HCP Audience Identity Management 

MM&M's e-book reveals how new and innovative technology is helping healthcare marketers identify website visitors at the individual HCP level. No more guesswork or aggregated data. Now, marketers can communicate with website visitors like never before.

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Making the Most of U.S. News & World Report Rankings: A Health Systems Guide

Whether your hospital ranking are low, or you have great news to share, email is a powerful tool to help influence the decisions of referring physicians. Read rankings-related case studies in this ebook.

{+} Download the U.S. News & World Report Rankings: A Health Systems Guide

Metrics That Matter- Driving Email Campaign Engagement

This e-book considers recent trends in response data that will help boost your HCP email campaign performance. Explores emerging practices for getting more out of your open rates, click-through metrics, and mobile email implementation.

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MM&M Talks Email Authentication

A poorly conceived email is a serious compliance risk. Read MM&M's publication on the matter and get smarter.

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Nothing Tests Like Email

Email is a marketer's dream. It's so essential there's no excuse for not testing. Nail down the variables that work best so your next email campaign outperforms the last.

{+} Download Putting Email to the Test


Making the Most of Email Subject Lines

You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Consider character count, preheaders, A/B testing, and other tactics for making the most of your email subject liens

{+} Download The Subject Line ebook here


Precision Targeting in HCP Email

Email targeting today goes way beyond specialty or geography. Learn about advanced data techniques and behavioral insights to deepen analytics and improve response rates.

{+} Download the Precision Email Targeting ebook here


Implementation Basics for HCP Email

The best messaging and creative is meaningless if an email does not render across all devices and email platforms. Email coding techniques make all the difference.

{+} Download Email Implementation Basics here


The DMD Email Campaign Guidebook

Apply proven tactics in email campaign development. Learn more about target list refinement, what to look for in an authenticated, verified email list, and deployment tactics, and the ingredients that make effective email design

{+} Download the DMD Email Campaign Guidebook here


Leveraging the Power of Mobile – Email Design for the Mobile Channel

Extend the power of your marketing programs when you apply essential mobile design and implementation practices to your next HCP email campaign.

{+} Download the Guide to Leveraging Mobile in HCP Email


What to Expect as a DMD Client

A DMD partnership generates much more than merely a list; it delivers email intelligence  and execution, tailored for your company, your brands, and your marketing partners.

{+} Download DMD’s Client Onboarding ebook here

Strengthen Your Hospital Brand with Email

Learn to harness the unparalleled power of email to engage physicians and move your brand forward. This ebook discusses, among other things, promoting ancillary services to help stem out-migration and the advantages of a highly-targeted email database.

{+} Download the DMD's ebook: Strengthen Your Hospital Brand with Email

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